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Vanessa Walker was born in the small city of Crescent in the sunny state of Florida. With a small population of 1,600 people, there wasn’t much to do while growing up. Apart from a few boutiques and a park near her house, the little girl spent most of her time at home or playing with her little brother, Cole. Vanessa’s parents weren’t exactly the best; her mom had always had a taste for gin, while her father had a severe tamper, both of them hardly took notice of their kids; which gave Vanessa the responsibility of taking care of her baby brother. At the age of twelve, when her father’s temper escaladed, Vanessa was the one to receive the bad end of it. Luckily, her uncle— who was always more of a dad than her biological one— came to visit them and saw firsthand what he did. Without thinking twice about it, he beat him to a pulp and sent him to the hospital. From then on, her father never laid a hand on her again.

Five years later, her father decided that he didn’t want to be stuck with the people he didn’t care about and left them; that’s when her mom’s alcoholic problem really started. She stayed in bed for days at a time, only getting out of bed to eat or use the facilities. It was rare that she got out of the house, only when Vanessa couldn’t leave her eight year old brother alone with her, would she go to the liquor store. Her uncle had asked them to move with him, but her mother’s threat to call the police on the seventeen year old scared her. Obviously child services would be contacted and the thought of losing her brother was too much of a risk, so Vanessa said no. He understood, and called her every week to check up on them.

Being on childcare checks and little income, her mother no longer had the money to rent out their apartment. As soon as it had become clear that her mom no longer had an interest in anything, including authority over her own home, she took over from her. Being a straight A student while working a full time job was hard and the result was only a few hours of sleep a day, if that, but Vanessa didn’t give up. And that reason was for Cole. Sure, her brother didn’t think it was fair that his big sister had to take care of everything, but kept his mouth shut to avoid making her upset. As long as he grew up with self-worth and that she had the means to get him whatever he needed to start out right in life, that was all that mattered to her.

A few weeks ago, Vanessa mom, while sober for a change, said she didn’t want to live in this dump anymore, that she needed to find a new place to stay. Vanessa denied it, the stress of moving for Cole would be too much, but her mother didn’t take it as an answer. So for one weekend and one weekend only since her dad left, her mom didn’t drink and packed up all of their things. Vanessa was wary; she didn’t trust her mother to turn a new leaf so quickly but did as she was told. Which was why she was now living in Hamilton, New York. Yet, as soon as they unpacked, her mother returned to bed as if nothing happened, gin being the only thing she cared about. Big surprise. Now, with a new job and a prestigious school that her uncle had made happen, Vanessa has to juggle a full time job and taking care of her eight year old brother while staying out of the drama that her school had to offer.

Even with all the stress in her life, Vanessa is one of the nicest people you could meet. She doesn’t let clicks or school bullies scare her from talking to the people she meets. If someone were to start a fight or insult her in anyway, she would stand her ground and stick up for herself. Although, she’ll most likely to come see you afterwards and tell you she was here, if you needed to talk. Vanessa doesn’t really think about herself or what she needs, her brother comes first in her life. If he’s happy, so is she.

 General Information:

  • Name: Vanessa
  • Nicknames: Nessa, Nessie, Van.
  • Birthday: October 5th, 1995.
  • Age: Seventeen years old.
  • Sexuality: Straight.
  • Biggest Fears: Elevators, spiders and snakes.
  • Interests: Reading, writing and singing horribly in the shower.
  • Favorite movie: A Walk to Remember.
  • Favorite book: Dark Visions by L.J Smith
  • Favorite Color: Red
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